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Thursday July 14th at 6pm 

Live Performance of the Marching Band from Limoges, France : Gueules-Sèches

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Charlotte-Limoges agreement

and the Gueules-Seches fanfare 100th anniversary on Bastille Day!

Open to public - FREE concert - Family welcome - 


At the MICC Auditorium  - Dinner will be available - more information to come


What is Bastille Day and why is it important?


The Storming of the Bastille marked the start of the French Revolution. It was the beginning of the end for the monarchy. It represented a call for liberty, equality, and a more democratic form of government. Today, the holiday is an opportunity to celebrate French unity and the French way of life.

Come, join us and celebrate with us: Happy Bastille Day!

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