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Evaluate your Level in French


We provide access to the Evalang language proficiency test. Your French proficiency level will be delivered in minutes. You can purchase a placement test for yourself, or you can purchase a package of placement tests for your class.


Evalang is a robot designed to automatically evaluate your proficiency level in French using Artificial Intelligence.

She has been programmed by France Education International.

She has been calibrated on a large number of candidates to precisely and reliably evaluate your level.

During your test, she processes your answers and adapt her questions accordingly.


How to register to an Evalang test?

1. Purchase your test for $20 using the request form below, no further action needed. 

2. or Please write a check to the Alliance Française. (processing may take longer) then request your code by emailing us. write the check to Alliance Française and mail it to Alliance Française PO box 470156 Charlotte NC28247

3. Your Evalang code will be sent to you by e-mail. Please allow us 48 hours to send it after confirmation of payment.

4. Go and click on the above test platform button, then login and enter your Evalang code. You can start the test immediately. Make sure your understand that the instructions are part of the test.

Evalang will calculate your proficiency level.

Immediately after finishing your test, you will be able to print an attestation of your level.

5. You can purchase as many tests as you like.