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The benefits of spelling bees extend beyond language. Since children are required to spell words while on stage, kids develop self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and the ability to thrive under pressure. 


Your Alliance Française is proud to introduce this Spelling Bee contest and challenge for your students in French!

Categories: (Open to all French learners)

Students are divided into 2 categories based on their grade & into 2 sub-categories based on French skills

1. Grades 6/8

2. Grades 9/12

Each grade is divided by FLAM (Français en LAngue Maternelle : Francophone students and students in Immersion programs) OR FLE (Français en Langue Etrangère; French as a second language, beginners welcome)

The concept is simple:

1. The students practice spelling in French - See FREE French practice programs at your Alliance every week - contact us by clicking on the button to practice. Available to students upon registration.

French Spelling practice every Wednesday at 2pm via zoom.

2. Each speller has a French teacher referee

3. One online session to round practice with the practice Known words list

4. The finale is on site on the First Saturday of March for Middle School grade 6/8 FLAM & FLE with friends and family support and on to be determined for high school grade 9/12 FLAM & FLE.

5. The judges announce the winners of scholarships on the same day at the end of the contest.

6. Winners receive scholarships + Their Teachers receive prizes 

7. Full day event with free food, drinks and more for spellers

How do I submit entries?

  1. Register with our AF partner click on the button

  2. Sign the release form and pay $10 per speller

  3. Rules and procedures : click on the button


Prizes: Winners 1st to 3rd for each Category

All winners receive scholarships up to $250 with a trophy.

All participants at the finale receive a medal.